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Artwork by Lila Blaustein '19


Vault accepts submissions of poetry, prose, plays, drawings, paintings, mixed-media, prints, and photography from the students of the Cambridge School of Weston. Students are also welcome to submit photographs of three-dimensional artwork, such as ceramics or wearable art. All work is reviewed anonymously in our weekly meetings.


Please email your submissions to


include your piece in the body of the email or send it in .docx form. 


scan or photograph your artwork and email it to us. The photos don't need to be very high quality—it's

fine to send in photos you take on your phone, as long as the artwork is clearly visible. If your piece is accepted, we can help you take better images.


Video files may be sent in any format.

If you encounter any difficulties during the submission process (e.g. with photographing your work), please email and we will be happy to help! 

Thank you for submitting to Vault! We can’t wait to see your work.


Any submissions that:

 contain hate speech 

contain offensive language/images 

perpetuate harmful stereotypes related to race, gender,

sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, or ability

Will not be reviewed and may be reported to the school administration. Otherwise, we do not place limits on what content submitters may include in their work. However, we do ask that you attach a warning to any piece that contains any significant gore, violence, sexual violence, etc. as a courtesy to reviewers.


Editor-in-Chief: Tallulah Stallvik

Faculty Advisors: Eli Keehn, Dolores Minakakis, and KB Kinkel

Staff members: Arden Murray, Avery Rea, Ella Meshoulam, Hannah Chevalier, Katie DiCesare, Lachlan DeAtley, Maggie Schuur, Maya Wilson, Nia Kyte-Zable, Nisha Jha, Olivia Martinez-Moule, Riley Simpson, Ruby Klappenbach, Sophie Hall, Z Kelly-Montgomery, and Zoe Paley 

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