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Artwork by Natalie Good '19


some samples from past publications <3

Fall 2019

Cover art by Shi Shi Jacobs '20

Front Cover.png
%22Harriet,%22 Robin Glass.jpg
%22The Fall%22 by Emily Bartel.png

Pages 16-17

%22A Moment of Leaning,%22 Nina Bunn.jpg
24 %22Car Rides Home,%22 Shi Shi Jacobs.

Pages 24-25

Spring 2019

Cover art by Natalie Good '19

1 Front Cover-2.jpg

Challenge: there is a very tiny horse hidden somewhere on the front cover. See if you can find it!

6 Perennial - El Clavenna.jpg
7 Duan Abstract and Spence Profile.jpg

Pages 6-7

27 Artemis and Actaeon page 2.jpg
26 Artemis and Actaeon page 1.jpg

Pages 26-27

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Cover art by Shi Shi Jacobs '20

1 Litmag front cover.jpg
5 18 Lexington Avenue by Shi Shi Jacobs
4 Please Fit the Pieces Together - Ruby

Pages 4-5

13 the earth was not made for motherhood
12 the earth was not made for motherhood

Pages 12-13

Older Editions

Spring 2018

Cover art by Rose Crawford '18


Fall 2017

Cover art by Molly Moir '19

1 Front Cover.jpg
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