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Artwork by Rachel Sontheimer '20


During Spring 2020, we will be sending out weekly prompts to help the community stay creative while social distancing! You can find all of our prompts on this page.


For our first prompt, we announced a community-wide game of exquisite corpse!

We modified the rules slightly to fit our virtual format. Here’s how it will work:

  • Using the template below, draw a creature whose body intersects with the dots on the template. (You can position the paper vertically or horizontally.) Your creature should have a head, a torso, and a lower body, but beyond that, go wild—give it tentacles or multiple heads if you want!

  • For those of you who don’t have access to a printer, the dots on the template are positioned four inches from the 8.5” side of the paper and 2.5 inches from the 11” side of the paper.

  • Once you’re done, scan/photograph it and send it to us at! We’ll divide it into three pieces along the lines, scramble them with two other people’s creatures, and publish them in our spring magazine. Here are some examples of what the final product might look like:

Exquisite Corpse Template.png


Write a letter to yourself from before social distancing measures were implemented, or to a future version of yourself once the crisis abates.


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